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Moving WordPress Multi Site to MDD


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Hi guys,

First post and sorry if these topics are covered elsewhere! I have spent some time looking around before posting ;-)

I have several Webhosting accounts around the web and most have one or two active sites, which dont get any significant traffic numbers, so I was wanting to get rid of em all and just stick with one good host that had the option to upgrade as my usage grows.

I read that all the plans can be upgraded so happy so far, first need covered.


I do however have a multi ste install with 6 sites on it, which are getting the bulk of my attention at the moment. So a few Q's if you dont mind...

How hard is it to move my multi site install over to a new MDD hosting account?

Can you suggest a tutorial on how to do this eficiently?

Can you do it for a fee?


I will most likely be starting out on the basic package and upgrade as I go along( as already mentioned).

thanks in advance.

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Multi-Site and regular WordPress are one in the same as of version 3.0+. In essence moving multi-site is just the same as moving non-multi-site. If you're coming from a cPanel provider we'd just mirror over the cPanel account and you shouldn't have to do much if anything.


If it's a non-cPanel provider - it would be best discussed in a ticket :).

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The only thing to consider is that we don't merge cPanel accounts so if you wanted to combine all of them I would suggest having us move the one that you're most concerned about and then you move the rest to save the most money. I'd suggest a sales ticket for discussing a transfer in detail.

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