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Review After One Year - Things Going Well!


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I posted this at http://www.webhostingtalk.com/showthread.php?p=8211838 but decided to post it here too



I’ve been with MDDHosting for just about a year now so I figured it was time for a review. I have one shared account with them and a reseller account (to be specific, I have had the shared account for about a year and the reseller account since January 2012).


I did extensive research before deciding to purchase MDD’s services and so far I have not been disappointed.


For the shared account, I have DNS failover monitoring so when the server at MDD goes down, it will switch over to a backup location. Over the past year, I think it has only switched over less than five times and those were for only a matter of minutes so the reliability I have seen has been excellent. For a shared account I think this is really good to have this few unplanned outages. They also have planned outages from time-to-time and that’s ok with me because I know they are trying to improve services.


For the reseller account, which is on a different server than the shared account, I have had a similar experience and have noticed an increase in the overall speed of the websites I host compared to my previous web host.


Support has been great and no matter when I submit a ticket, they are responded to extremely fast.


Overall I am a very satisfied customer!


For further reading if interested, here is a list of a few of the things I really like about MDDHosting:

  • Keeping customers updated – The forum on their website has a server and network announcements area and they keep it updated regularly so if there is a problem, you know exactly what’s going on. Also their server status page is really nice to see what’s going on and they use pingdom to monitor all servers
  • Fast and reliable servers – As stated above, I have had very few issues and all of my sites run very fast.
  • Legal Info – I really appreciate the fact that they have very clear terms of service, support scope, privacy policy and mailing policy listed on the site. That’s really important so I know exactly what I can and can’t do and I also think they have some strong policies in place and that makes me feel good because I know if someone is abusing the system they won’t be allowed to stay.
  • Taking care of current clients – While MDD runs promotions to try and get new customers (like most hosting providers), they also run promos from time to time for current customer
  • Mike (the owner) is very honest and will tell you like it is. He won’t tell you something just to make a sale or make you happy, but I believe he is someone that really wants the best for each client/potential client.

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