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If you are already using CloudFlare - *DO NOT* use the cPanel CloudFlare Plugin

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The CloudFlare plugin is designed to use *OUR* nameservers for your domain and what happens if you use the plugin while already using CloudFlare, their nameservers will quit serving records for your domain. This will result in your site going offline until you update your nameservers to ns1.mddservices.com, ns2.mddservices.com, and ns3.mddservices.com.


I believe that the cPanel CloudFlare plugin should warn about this or, at the least, check for an existing account and then provide a warning that a nameserver update would be required to prevent the site from going offline and that you should contact your hosting provider.


We're working with CloudFlare over this, as a few of our customers have experienced this issue.

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Can you elaborate on if/how this impacts VPS customers? We use CloudFlare for our domains.




This can hit anyone on any type of hosting account if they have previously setup CloudFlare manually and they then activate CloudFlare for the same domain using the cPanel addon. Unless you have done this, there is no risk to you.

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Hi Mike,


About resellers and their clients using CloudFlare from within cPanel.. Do we tell the clients to use the nameservers provided for the reseller accounts? (e.g - ns1.supportedns.com, ect..) Can CloudFlare work using custom nameservers that are pointing to MDD IPs? (e.g - ns1.mydomain.com, ect..)

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