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[Resolved] Cypress Backup Process causing Sluggishness

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As some of you may know we had to disable the backup process on the Cypress server last week as it was causing some major performance hits to the point of losing responsiveness. We've always run the backup process in the early AM (from around 1:30 AM to around 5:30 AM) however for some of our customers this was their busy time so this was causing them issues. To prevent further issues for those clients the backup system was disabled until we could find a work-around or resolution for the issue which we came across yesterday.


The resolution allows us to run the backup during an off-peak time without causing major performance degradation but having turned off the backup process for about a week leads to us needing to do a new full seed backup of the server. The server has around 1.2 TB of data stored and that means that the initial backup process takes about a full 24 hours. While the changes we've made to the backup system will allow it to run during off-peak times (i.e. at night) without causing major issues, during the day it's going to cause sluggishness and the occasional bout of unresponsiveness while it's playing "catch up" for the last week of data.


The backup process, as of this posting, has about 2 more hours to run and then everything will be back to normal. We do sincerely apologize for any troubles that this may be causing you however we feel that having up to date backups of your data is extremely important. Without these backups should something happen to the hardware such as a catastrophic failure you'd lose everything if you didn't have your own backup of your account. A majority of our customers do not back up their own data so a major failure without a backup on our end would be catastrophic.


If you have any questions, feel free to ask them here as we're going to try to keep information on this information as centralized and public as possible.


Thank you.

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I just wanted to post an update to let anyone who was affected by this original issue know that the backup process completed tonight in 1 hour and 8 minutes and caused absolutely no performance issues. It's unlikely that anybody would have even noticed that the backup process was running.


Thank you for the patience any of you that experienced issues due to the backup system have shown us.

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