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Another htaccess problem!


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I'll play around and see if I can get one working. I am fairly good with regex but for some reason mod_rewrite doesn't always work as I expected it to :D


It is alright now Mike. I rewrote the script I was creating - Chained Mysql Ajax Dropdown Menu - so that the problem was removed. The menu works really well now.


The initial problem was created when I was making a search form. The = signs were being added because I was adding new lines like this:


<input name="case" type="hidden">
<input name="product" type="hidden">


Whereas I should have used this:


 <input name="case" value="product" type="hidden">


The top one adds & and = but the bottom one only = between case and product.


If you do find a solution though to the htaccess problem it will probably come in very handy in the future as I seem to need htaccess alterations a lot. It would be useful to see the solution.

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Is this a script you can share? Finding a chained MySQL dropdown menu is on my to-do list.


It isn't a script I created from scratch. I am just altering it to suit my needs. The initial code for this was found here. Now that I understand how it all works I will try and find a ready made chain menu with cookies. I should be able to get it all exactly how I want it then.


You can see the menu 'as is' working on a part of my site here. I am showing the menu through an iframe. The menu is above the content with the menu displaying 'Make A Selection'. The selection then shows the results on the left. Selecting any product from the left drop down will load the product. It needs an additional box select so that you can select from the first to the 2nd before the products show. This will reduce loading times a lot on some selections and help narrow the products list to more manageable numbers. I should get this sorted very soon.

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That links looks exactly what I need. thanks.


Since you are actually testing it on a real site, have you found any quirks? for example, does it take too long if you try to load too many things?


It does take long to load if there are too many mysql requests being carried out but you have total control over the types of requests you want to carry out so you can limit results or apply filters etc.


Here is a another very neat looking ajax mysql menu I found.


Getting the menu to persist is another thing though. There is a chained menu on dynamic drive with a persist setting but it isn't an ajax mysql one. It seems that ajax menu with persist setting isn't easy to find or achieve.

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Is this a script you can share? Finding a chained MySQL dropdown menu is on my to-do list.


I have combined this menu with a 'Ajax Tabs Content Script' from Dynamic Drive. The tab selection has a 'persist' feature and will remember the selection on page loads. You can see a working version here:




It is already on parts of my shopping site - tvs - see signature.

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