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Six months and counting at MDDHosting


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MDDHosting was first brought to my attention during a desperate search for alternate hosting. A two-year contract with my previous host was coming to a close. My previous host made numerous policy and service changes which negatively impacted their performance in hosting and customer service.


During my research, I discovered some highly positive reviews for MDDHosting. This didn't seem out of the ordinary, as there are many positive reviews about nearly all hosting companies. What really sparked my interest in MDDHosting was not the positive reviews about them, but the fact that I was unable to find a single negative review. I must admit, it was kind of suspicious at first, so I did some more investigating.


On the MDDHosting company Website, their forums are open to the public. MDDHosting posts publicly all issues relating to their servers from DDoS attacks, to simple maintenance reboots. The company is open for anyone who in curious about their services. All you have to do is ask. Either on their forum, or privately via email. What truly surprises is how honest their answers are. Where other companies will try to up-sell you more services, or a bigger package, MDDHosting will actually down-sell you a package at a lower rate than you are looking at, should they believe the extras unnecessary. You can always upgrade later should your Website grow and become in need of it.


Prior to signing up, I asked MDDHosting several questions of concern specific to myself and my Websites, including an extra question I never believed they would actually answer; If MDDHosting didn't exist, what other Webhosting companies would you recommend?


Not only were all concerns thoroughly addressed, but they actually recommended a couple alternate companies. I must say, that pretty much sealed the deal right there and I signed up with MDDHosting a week before my contract with my old hosting company expired.


Sign-up was a snap and I immediately began transferring my Websites. I could easily have asked MDDHosting to do all the work for me and they would have gladly accepted, but I did it myself with the tools they provide. I recall my previous host taking two days to get things going completely. Not the case here. Once the transfer was complete my Websites were up and running.


MDDHosting isn't one of those hosts who overload their servers with more clients than a server can adequately handle. Nor do they offer unlimited storage and bandwidth. Now some clients may think that unlimited storage and bandwidth is better, but my experience told me otherwise. My previous host switched to unlimited during my contract. Not long after, they messaged me stating that my Website was using too much storage and if my files weren't reduced, they would suspend my account. Not only was my storage below my quota before the change to unlimited, but they would not tell me how many GBs of storage I needed to reduce my storage by when I asked them. They just said, "We can't say, but you're using too much." This is where having a set number for storage and bandwidth helps. I know my limits and don't have to worry about violating any unwritten terms of service. Especially since MDDHosting provides a massive amount of bandwidth in their most basic shared hosting package. I may eventually expand to the point where I will have to upgrade to increase my storage, but I don't foresee my Websites ever touching the bandwidth cap.


Since my initial sign-up with MDDHosting, the past six months has been great. MDDHosting emails me about every little thing that may affect my hosting. Some may think this is unnecessary, but coming from a host who doesn't even inform their customers of the most major problems, it's nice to know that even the littlest things are important to MDDHosting. Issues are very uncommon, too. Most of the maintenance conducted are additions to enhance the performance of their servers. MDDHosting is always improving their already fantastic services.


The customer service at MDDHosting is fantastic. You can contact them about anything. It doesn't have to be a problem. Even general inquiries are happily and quickly addressed. I mean quick, too. Often within minutes. The folks at MDDHosting are so on the ball it's amazing.


It's more than evident that the people at MDDHosting are not in business to squeeze the most from a consumer dollar, they are in business because they are passionate about what they do. I'm fairly confident that I will be with MDDHosting for a good many years, perhaps even for life!

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