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Ubuntu server and bind9


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I am trying to resolv - I think that is the right word - a domain to my home server setup using bind. This isn't something I have done before so I am in the dark a fair bit on this one. I have installed bind9 but my head is spinning a bit and I am pretty confused.


What is the easiest way to go about getting this:


1. a domain name that shows on the address bar instead of my ip address? Do I need to use bind or can it be resolved some other easier way?

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If you have a static IP you can just point the DNS at the registrar itself to your IP, if you have a dynamic IP, it's not going to work well either way.


Well what I have done is to remove the webforwarding that was being used to redirect the domain to my ip address. I have also altered the A name setting from the 123 reg ip to my own ip. I am now waiting for these changes to take effect. Should I alter anything else?


I have a static ip by the way.

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You'll want to make sure that your router is forwarding port 80 to your internal IP address if you're behind a router :)


I think everything else is in place as my site is up and running now and has been for a few days:


Currently diverting traffic to an installation of Affiliate Store in electronics/tvs directory.


The way the home server is responding I think I will be able to create lots of niche sites. I am using a not very powerful cpu but the hard drive is a scsi running at 15,000 rpm, which I think must be helping with the overall speed of the site. Also Affiliate Store has cache built in which I have activated now that I have stopped messing so much with the design.

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One thing after another! I thought I had this licked and I have - at least the first problem - but another has reared it's ugly head now. Javascript isn't working - at least some of it isn't - when I use the domain name. It works if I use my ip address? Another weird ubuntu server setting somewhere. Have you seen this on any of your own servers?
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Javascript working or not working doesn't have anything to do with the server-side as JavaScript is a client-side technology. It's likely your browser trying to protect you from XSS attacks.


How come the javascript is working off my ip address though? If you look at the test page on my site using this url:


you should see a 'Ok'


same page using the domain name:




the javascript isn't working!


Can't be something to do with dns again can it? I have found a few references on google and am delving into various apache files to see if I can resolve it that way.

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