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New TV Site on home server!

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For the last few days I have messed about with a home server setup. I had and have a few computers lying around gathering dust so I thought to get one up and running. I have installed ubuntu server and managed to find a working copy of Affiliate Store. Affiliate Store website has been taken down for some reason or another along with the forum. Shame really as the forum had lots of bug fixes and coding tweaks posted. Anyways I have managed to get everything to work by messing around with the code and database entries.


I have downloaded a few shop databases from Affiliate Window to populate the site so that I could work on the navigation. I have been pleasantly surprised how fast I have got to grips with the software and how far I have come in a matter of days. I still have some tweaks to carry out such as making it possible to search for products with min and max price inputs and stuff like that, along with lots more categories but how the site works can be clearly seen.


The site should be accessible from the web using the ip address. I will point a domain to it when I decide or if I decide to make the site active.


Currently messing around with the colour scheme!


What you think so far?


Ubuntu Home Server TV Shop

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Carried out a shed load of work on this script and site now in an attempt to add some colour mainly. Still not enough colour or dynamism to the site yet but it should get there - eventually!


Work carried out in last few days:


Reworked a lot of the template files so that there is now a 2 column display of search products


A new search with high and low price entries.


Reviews from both products and websites now display on the side panel - complete with who wrote the comment and rating. The product title reviews searches (incase the product is no longer listed) whereas the website title reviews links directly to the permanent review.


Ajax marquee added to header


Ajax marquee added to footer to display site logos and links


Merchant page added


Ajax latest forum posts display added. The links are being fed by pages I have created that are loading data from the forum's database.


Fixed the sitemap.xml validation problem.


Database refresh pages added to each section so that one click updates all the website database entries (cron is faulty on this script) and also removes 0 price products and other unwanted stuff from the databases, along with updating the sitemap too.


New Computer Systems section now online - more sections in the pipeline (next few days).


Busy busy :)

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