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MDDHosting's 15 Days of Christmas Discounts

Michael D.

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MDDHosting is going to be running a special promotion we're calling "MDDHosting's 15 Days of Christmas Discounts"


Using the coupon code "15-days" you will receive the following discounts on the specified days:

  1. December 10th - 70% Off
  2. December 11th, 65% Off
  3. December 12th, 61% Off
  4. December 13th, 56% Off
  5. December 14th, 51% Off
  6. December 15th, 47% Off
  7. December 16th, 42% Off
  8. December 17th, 37% Off
  9. December 18th, 33% Off
  10. December 19th, 28% Off
  11. December 20th, 23% Off
  12. December 21th, 19% Off
  13. December 22th, 14% Off
  14. December 23th, 9% Off
  15. December 24th, 5% Off


This promotion is valid on any payment term from one month all the way up to three years. The promotion applies on the first invoice only, and only on the base price of the plan itself. This promotion does not discount add-ons such as dedicated IPs or software add-ons. The promotion is valid on shared, semi-dedicated, reseller, and VPS plans.


The promotion will not be active until December 10th at 12:01 AM EST (GMT-5) and will expire on December 24th at 11:59 PM.


If you have any questions at all, let us know.

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Since a lot of people have been asking.


Most providers won't extend promotions to their existing clients as they use them only to attract new clients, we're willing to extend this promotion to our current client base as well with a couple of limitations.


Existing customers can use this promotion, but only for the purchase of a new plan. The code cannot be used to discount a plan you already have or on the renewal of an existing plan.


Since the promotional code for existing customers is only valid on secondary accounts, if you cancel your primary account you will lose the promotional rate. Essentially it comes down to you not being able to sign up for an account to get the promotion, and then canceling your old account and requesting a refund.

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Hi Mike,


How does this effect a multi-year pre-pay?


If you use this discount code and pre-pay for 3 years is it 50% off the 70% or does just the 70% apply?



It's 70% off of the full first invoice, however there are only 3 minutes left to order at 70% off as it's going to 65% at midnight EST GMT-5.


If you order 3 years up front, you'll pay for only 65% of the normal cost.

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Pretty impressive discounts on offer. I detect an air of desperation though? You struggling for new recruits or summit?

Nope, just wanted to do something special for Christmas is all. Before this promotion we've actually had record months for both income and new orders the last three months, each one better than the one before it.


I'm trying to think of what to do on the 26th for our 3 year anniversary... Open to ideas and suggestions.

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