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Special Offer for Existing Clients until November 30th, 2010!

Michael D.

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We are almost always running promotions for new customers as most companies do, however most companies do not offer special promotions and offers to their existing client base. Between now and November 30th if you add any credit to your account with us, we'll increase it by 25%. As an example, if you add $10 we'll credit your account with $12.50 and if you add $100 we'll credit your account with $125. The minimum deposit is $5 and the maximum is $1,000.


All you have to do is log into the billing and support system at https://www.mddhosting.com/support/login.php and then click on "Add Funds" on the right side under "Account Information" and then open a ticket in the billing department and let us know how much you've added and we'll credit the additional 25% within 24 hours. This credit can be used for currently outstanding invoices, to pay future invoices automatically, or for new services or domains.


Should you request a refund of any of the credit added the bonus credit will be reduced accordingly as well. Essentially you can't add $1,000 in credit and then get a refund on that and keep the $250 for free. As an example, if you add $1,000 and request a refund of $500 (50%) your bonus credit will be reduced by $125 (50%) which is the same percentage of your original credit that has been refunded.


If you have any questions at all, let us know!

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