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Let me start with a big thank you to Michael Denney.


I was a customer of another host company for almost 6 years. The last year they started emigrating to new servers. And that's when my nightmare started.


  1. Scripts that worked fine on the old server, didn't seem to work on the new server.
  2. We used to have Support Emergency for free. Now you have to pay if you want your problem solved in a timely manner. When your server is down and you didn't pay, you just have to wait 24-48 hours for someone to take a look at it.
  3. A lot of hidden fees.
  4. Changing .htaccess files without notification. Folders I had protected had suddenly no protection at all. And don't even get me started about hotlinking and banning ip addresses with .htaccess


And I can go on and on forever. So I started looking for a better host and a lot of people were happy with MDD Hosting, so I contacted Michael and he asked me to take the cheapest plan to see for myself. And man what a joy. Everything works just fine, uploading files is fast, the website is working, problems with my wordpress blog has been taken care of, support is absolutely amazing.


So in short I just want to say: If you're looking for a great host, give MDD Hosting a shot. I know you'll be surprised as I was.


I just hope Michael will keep going on like this, because I know for sure that all my future websites will be hosted at MDD Hosting. No doubt in my mind.





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