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[Resolved] Intermittent Sluggishness on Demeter

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Did this happen again today as I saw a high load and site would lot come up for a few minutes today.

No, somebody on the server is over-using resources and it's only happening momentarily from time to time which is making it extraordinarily hard to track down.


We've set up some custom monitoring in the server that should catch the abuse - if you see it happen again do open a support ticket.

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I've moved some posts out of the DDoS thread into this one so if it doesn't make 100% sense as it flows I apologize.


We identified the issue as the ClamAV email anti-virus system. It was intermittently using up to 2GB of system ram which was causing HTTP processes to swap out and anytime swap gets heavy usage it's going to slow disk access to a crawl.


We've removed the ClamAV scanner and as such this issue should not happen again but if you do have any issues feel free to open a support ticket :)

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