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I've read the rules regarding sending email and email throttling. My questing relates to sending email, but not from a list. I'm creating an ecommerce system, and when a customer places an order 2 emails are sent. One to the store/employee for processing, and one to the customer as an order confirmation. Does the email throttling rule still apply for sending these two emails? Must I wait 6 seconds in between?


I won't be the end user, so this probably won't apply to my account, but as a web developer, If I purchase hosting for a customer, I need to make sure my system works according to the rules.

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As long as you don't cross the hourly limit you can send as fast as you want. As an example you could send 150 emails in 1 second but then you would only have 50 left for the remaining 59 minutes and 59 seconds.


If you ever do need more than 200/hour chances are you will be upgrading to a semi-dedicated or dedicated account where we can increase the limits for you as needed within reason.

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I currently use X-Cart for E-commerce on my site and I know it sends off emails all the time. Usually 2 any time an order is placed (one to the customer, one to the provider), another two when the order is funded by paypal, plus a variety of others (IE there is a bad login attempt). Thus far I haven't seen any email get blocked or go undelivered.
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