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OK, so my first web host was Media Temple. That was far too expensive so I switched to Site5 last year. Site5 was OK but I desperately needed an option that was not available with them. I needed to be able to change PHP settings with a .htaccess file and Site5 did not allow this. So I looked around and found MDDHosting. At first they seemed like an overnight, podunk company but the more I looked at reviews and the customer review forum, I liked very much what I was seeing. MDDHosting offered exactly what I needed and didn't offer what I didn't need - namely unlimited space and bandwidth (no one really needs that; 15GB transfer is just fine). I then decided to switch yesterday and the transfer was so smooth. I asked Site5 to make a full account backup and they did so. MDDHosting then was able to transfer that to their servers and they were even able to restore all the databases, FTP, email accounts, etc. After the data transfer was complete, I updated the nameserver entries on all my domains to point to the MDDHosting DNS servers. That was propagated in a matter of minutes (>5). I plan to keep my domains registered with Site5 as they provide cheaper domain registration.


Another pleasant surprise with the switch is the speed of my sites. They are noticeably faster which is pretty cool.


All in all, switching to MDDHosting was the best switch I've ever made. They are simply amazing with their support and technical server specs. Thank you MDDHosting for being so great!!!


P.S.: MDDHosting did not provide me with payment in any form in exchange for this review. This review is legit. If you want so see my site, it's roundblog.net. I'm on the intermediate shared plan which is fine for now as I can always upgrade.

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Thanks for the kind words :) We would have handled creating the backup for you however Site5's control panel doesn't allow you the ability to generate a full backup (which is unfortunate).


On a side-note - I am sure you are going to love the R1Soft backups (you can find this by going to "R1Soft Backup Restore" in your cPanel) There are 4 restoration points per day as far as 7 days back and then 1 kept per week as far as 12 weeks (3 months) and it's granular (as in you can restore the whole thing or just individual files/folders).

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