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Once upon a time......


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Yeah once upon a time there was this thing called a computer. I went ahead and got me one for 1400.00 $. Lots of money back then. (1996)

500mghz AMD chip (fastest at the time was like 800 or so.)

4MB RAM yeah it had RAM

250 MB hard drive (biggest one at the tme i think was 500MG

and forget anything about graphics.

oh yeah it had a floppy drive 2.5 inch i think you could still get one with those old 5 inch truely floppy disks LOL (showin my age there.)


Now my phone can blow that thing away and I got it for free. LOL.

All I have is an Envy 2 .

Amazing eh? Well for us old folks it is.

My computer now......$ 450.00


AMD Phenom quad core 2.5 ghz

4GB ddr3 RAM

620 GB hard drive

GeForce 9500 GT 1GB RAM

20 speed dvd rwr with lightscribe


Thats just amazing! Oh yeah my phone has more memory inside the phone itself than that old comp and dont forget the 2GB flash card. LOL ****** my phone can use more colors.

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The first computer we owned was a Tandy 2000 (80186 CPU, 8MHz, 128KB RAM, 2 5.25" FDDs, no hard drive, monochrome green screen).


The thing didn't come with a mouse, clock/calendar, or the ability to do graphics. We added that later. Never bothered going to color or a hard drive... got those later when we got a Gateway (back before they sucked).


First computer I ever used was a Commodore PET. It read its programs off a cassette tape.


100MHz was a sexy barrier... I remember it was a long time getting there. I was also the first person in my circle of geek friends to get a 100+ (105) MB hard drive. They thought I was nuts.

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It is crazy to think how far things have come so fast.

Yup. Every time i access my email from my phone it makes me think of those old comps we had in school and my old texas instruments computer where you had to program everything yourself line by freakin line.


10 "hello"

20 goto line 10







LOL first program i did myself what a hoot eh? uh oh showin my age again

1983 texas instruments dont rember the name first PC they made with a tape recorder as the disk drive.....YIKES !!!! two hours to load a silly atari like game.

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