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[Resolved] Intermittent "408 Request Time-out" Errors

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We are aware that some sites have been receiving (very few and far between) 408 errors such as the one quoted here.

408 Request Time-out

This request takes too long to process, it is timed out by the server. If it should not be timed out, please contact administrator of this web site to increase 'Connection Timeout'.

We have recently upgraded to a newer version of LiteSpeed WebServer which we feel may help resolve this and we are working with LiteSpeed Technologies to get this 100% resolved.


If you receive this error you should be able to simply hit the refresh button to re-submit whatever form you were working with. By all means feel free to reply to this thread if you have/are experiencing this particular issue so that we can forward this information on to LiteSpeed Technologies.


Thank you!

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We've been running tests on the servers for the last hour - loading a script once every 5 seconds to see if we could achieve any 408 errors after the LiteSpeed WebServer upgrade and we've been unable to recreate the issue.


It appears this issue has been resolved.

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