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Emergency reboots


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We observed a critical issue that required rebooting P1, R2, and S3 tonight.

We will be rebooting R3, and S2 tomorrow evening.


S4 and R1 will be rebooted over the weekend with P1 to address a second problem that interrupts the reboot process causing the reboot to take excessive amounts of time. The VPS servers do not have the issue nor does the newer shared servers.

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R3 and S2 will be rebooted tonight and the estimated downtime is only about 5 minutes. S4, R1, and P1 this weekend we estimate 10 to 30 minutes.


We've identified some issues with these servers that is more obvious on our new storage platform than the old simply due to the sheer speed of the underlying storage. In short this isn't a result of the migrations but simply became obvious as a result.


Right now performance should be good but without these reboots the performance could degrade over time and we're obviously wanting to avoid that :).

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