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All Shared, Reseller, and Premium Servers - PHP Issues / MySQL 'modules' Missing

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All of our servers update nightly automatically - operating system updates, control panel updates, php updates, etc. This is how things have been since we went into business over 8 years ago and how cPanel servers are configured by default. Automatic updates are recommended for security reasons as well.


Tonight this automatic update process updated CageFS and, in the process, took PHP and MySQL offline for an extended, unexpected, and unplanned amount of time.


Upon investigation of the issue I found that the update process actually *crashed* on every server with similar errors:

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/usr/share/cagefs/cagefsctl.py", line 4307, in main
  File "/usr/share/cagefs/cagefsctl.py", line 4787, in main_func
  File "/usr/share/cagefs/cagefsctl.py", line 3919, in setup_cl_alt
    reload_php_for_users(all_users = True)
  File "/usr/share/cagefs/cagefsctl.py", line 3367, in reload_php_for_users
    reload_processes('php', user)
  File "/usr/lib/python2.6/site-packages/clcommon/clfunc.py", line 90, in reload_processes
    os.kill( int(parts[0]), signal.SIGHUP )
OSError: [Errno 3] No such process

I had to forcefully end this process as it was hung and then I had to re-initialize CageFS on every server network wide.


I suspect there were major changes to CageFS that required re-initializing it, however, it looks like the code that is supposed to handle this process failed/crashed. We didn't write this code and have little control over it unfortunately. We have reached out to CloudLinux concerning this although I suspect we're not the only ones affected by this.


While this issue was ongoing the PHP Version Selector in your cPanel would have looked a lot like this: http://www.screen-shot.net/2016-03-21_21-27-46.png


You would likely have had issues with your sites loading if they were powered by PHP and you likely would have had MySQL errors. Errors referencing missing MySQL modules or extensions.


This was due to us using the PHP Version Selector which requires CageFS to function. This was broken when CageFS was broken resulting in sites not working.


As soon as I identified the source of the issue I switched everybody to the native [system-wide] PHP [default of 5.6] to bring most sites back online while CageFS fully re-initialized.


At this point everything should be up and running without issue [well, as of a while ago - sorry I didn't get this posted sooner]. If you are having issues do please open a support ticket so we can address it quickly.


I am sorry for any issues this may have caused you.

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