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Kobold Server - DDoS Attack affecting some users.

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This morning a fairly substantial DDoS attack hit our Kobold server. Due to the intensity of the attack we were forced to null-route the IP address.


All accounts on the affected IP address are being migrated in two groups to new IP addresses. This lessens the chance that anybody that was affected the first time will be affected again by 50% and will also help us in identifying the target should the attacks move with the account to the new IP.


If you are using our DNS you will not need to make any changes - if you aren't and you're on Kobold I'd suggest checking your site and adjusting your DNS if necessary. Only a small percentage of the customers on Kobold were affected.


Please open a support ticket for any questions you may have about this attack or your account.

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Each time this attack has recurred - we have split the accounts on the affected IP down. Originally it was around 400 and we got it down to 1 account per IP for the very last attack.


We were able to identify, as a result of this work, the target of the attacks and this particular set of attacks should end.


The attacks were all in the 20GBPS+ range [20,000 megabit] and well into the millions of packets per second.


If you have any specific questions about these attacks do please open a ticket and feel free to reference this forum post if you wish.

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