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How can I trick my MDDhosting server into not bouncing a Gmail "sent as"?


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Very low priority, this one. I have an email address for my website on MDDhosting. (Let's say, me@mydomain.com). I also have a Gmail account. (Let's say, me@gmail.com.)


The Gmail account can "send as" me@mydomain.com (meaning, I believe, it uses my MDDhosting SMTP server). Aside from that, there is no forwarding between the two. Each has its own incoming address. No interference there.


When I attempt to send from the Gmail account to the MDDhosting address, the email gets bounced. (All other mail from everywhere else in the www gets delivered correctly, AFAIK.)


I think this bounce occurs before any user- or account-level filtering. Is there any other manner in which I might "whitelist" (so to speak) email from my own Gmail account?


As I say, very low priority. A matter of cosmetics, only, for a perhaps over-eager email junkie.

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[For the benefit of anyone later reading this post...]


Problem ticket filed. MDD agent (Eric R., as usual) investigated. Found: my Gmail account was attempting to access the MDD SMTP server with incorrect credentials. I logged onto Gmail and set the password for the "send as" account (SMTP server credentials) again. Problem solved.


Thanks, Eric R.

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