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I’ve been a customer of MDDHosting with a reseller account. Last year, I signed up some individual clients on semi-dedicated plans with MDD - instead of on my reseller account. Performance is great as is support. This year, I had to move a multisite client from semi-dedicated to VPS. I’m not a “server type” so it was imperative that MDD continue to manage the server configuration for me on the VPS. They had no issue with this.

MDD migrated the site over to the new server for me late on a Saturday night so as to minimize disruptions to the visitor base. It was all done in less than an hour and support communicated with me throughout the process. They were wonderful.

This particular client was getting over 350,000 hits to the site per month with over 1.2 million page views. Their website was built on multisite, using subdomains, with eight sites in total. At first, the site was singing on the VPS but soon after the migration, performance started to slow. This was not due to lack of power on the server. Instead, it was a perfect storm of several things all coming to a head at once - some having to do with multisite and caching problems, some with configuring CloudFlare wrong, etc.

I’ll spare everyone the details here but suffice it to say that MDD and I worked together for about two weeks tweaking optimization settings, working with CloudFlare, and getting the site to a solid working state. It’s super fast and running smoothly now and I am confident that we’ve sorted out the issues.

I opened more support tickets with MDD than I can count through all of this and I can tell you one thing for sure - MDD’s service is like no other. I felt like I had an extended team for those two weeks of troubleshooting. They were professional, patient, and knowledgable. They seriously went above and beyond to help me and my client out. I’m sure there are others who helped behind the scenes but I want to mention three by name - Michael Denney, Eric Ramsey, and Tim M. I appreciate these guys so much.

If service is important to you, then you really should consider MDD Hosting. In a word - amazing! Cheers!

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