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Odd files in my public_html directory


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Hi everybody,


I am going through my website directories, and I noticed two odd files in my public_html directory today, and wanted to know if these are required, or somehow generated, and what they might be used for. Here are the two file names:


.txt (yes - just a file simply named like an extension - file name is actually ".txt" withouth the double-quotes) - it's contents are just one line of text, which is: comodoca.com



i3rvz4c4.htm - it's contents are also just one line of text, which is: HFtK2xdmhC21kA4gsl8v



Are these valid files? And if so, what are they for? I have a simple website and blog just for my personal enjoyment, and I've been studying HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, PHP, and SQL as a hobby, but I really need to learn about proper website security. I don't know what the proper files should be in my public_html directory, and what the permissions / owner / group should be, so if anybody has some authoritative websites which can explain this in detail that I could read, I would really appreciate it. If you're curious, my website is at https://www.wlmiii.net, and I have a personal WordPress blog at https://www.wlmiii.net/blog/ (really not even sure if I set that up correctly for WordPress to be honest - should it be https://blog.wlmiii.net/, or ???). So much to read and learning to do, but I really do enjoy it - coding is such a fun hobby of mine! I've been taking some courses on Udemy.com for web development, and I can't seem to get enough of it... :-D


I'm definitely a self-help type of person, and don't expect people to do things for me, but sometimes it just becomes so overwhelming to see all of the information out there, and it's nice when somebody can just point me in the right direction to where I can help myself figure out what I need to do by giving me some tips and guidance on what websites are really good to go to for quality information.


Anyway, thanks for any responses - I really appreciate it, and take care.




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Those files appear to be related to an SSL certificate. comodoca.com issues SSL certificates which provide added security to web visitors who enter information on your site. Did you apply for or obtain an SSL certificate through MDD? I'm not that familiar with these certificates or how to obtain them, although it appears that MDD does provide them through your cPanel security options.

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Thanks mdd_shared_user - I did a Google search on comodoca.com, and it did appear to be related to SSL certs. You did say that you weren't familiar with these files, so if anybody else can tell me officially what these are, I would appreciate it.


Also, if anybody knows of some quality resources that I can read up on regarding website security (file permissions, file configurations) in regards to having your own website, that would be great!


Thanks again,



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