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Is "Basic" shared hosting good enough for OpenCart?


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Hi guys. I have a few questions :)


1. I'm in the process of creating a small online business using OpenCart and expecting no more than 100 items in the store and around 500-1000 unique daily visitors at the most. Do you think the "Basic" package is sufficient?


2. Lets say my site is going over the resource limit for awhile, will you guys shut off my site without notice or will you give me a reasonable amount of time to make a decision to either upgrade or find another hosting elsewhere?


3. I see a sub-forum for semi-dedicated hosting but don't see that on the site. Is this referring to Premium hosting?


Thank you in advance.

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For quicker responces to questions please utilize our sales email (sales@mddhosting.com) or live chat option on our website.


The basic plan should be fine.

If you go over disk space or bandwidth your account will stop functioning until the issue is cleared. However upgrading is seamless so if you notice your resource usage is going to go over simply open a ticket requesting a upgrade.

Yes Semi-Dedicated is premium.


You can change the cPanel demo language within the demo.


I do apologize for the delay in this reply.

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