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Straightforward (simple) documentation on writing spam filters?


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Where (url) might I find some simple, straightforward documentation (as in, a tutorial) on writing spam filters? As in the Account Level and User Level filters.


Ill bet I futzed up somewhere and yielded my website email address, instead of my usual junk email address, and some jerk sold it. Now Im receiving an inordinate amount of spam. Im trying to outsmart it with filteringsomewhat. No rest for the wicked. But I think more clever rules might help.


Ill bet grep might help, but Im not sure Only a tutorial would tell me. Please be so kind as to post a URLpreferably *not* just a video!

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Better buy spamexeperts filter - the only one antspam sulution, which really works. After I turned to spamexperts, all spam stopped. Used to receive some 30 emails/day to inbox and over 100 to junk folder.

Thanks very kindly for your suggestion. I looked at their site. It looks as if it could be very appropriate for prestigious corporate and high-traffic accounts. However, mine is an outstandlingly average simple-minded low-traffic site, and I am not among the rich and famous, nor do I expect I will ever be. I'll have to DIY rather than buying my way out of this problem.

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