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Average Idle CPU Graphs over the last 12 months for Atlantis, Boreas, Demeter, Echo, Gemini, Hermes, Icarus, Jasmine, Kobold

Michael D.

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I was looking at our monitoring system and realized we had been using this system long enough to have some historical data that's interesting to look at. I found the Idle CPU graphs very interesting which you will find below.


Boreas is a Premium server and has seen it's average Idle CPU go from 75% all the way down to 25% and back up again where as most other servers are pretty straight across.


The echo server has gradually been decreasing in Idle CPU until September of this year when the decision was made to upgrade the processors which can easily be seen on the graph.


Just about all of the rest shown stay pretty stable around the same values. It's worth noting that there is a fair bit of Idle CPU [breathing room] on all servers in the set with the lowest average for the year being 44%.


At any rate I just thought this was interesting and thought our customers may find it interesting as well :).



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