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I'm looking to set up friendica (just for me, btw) on a shared host. (VPS is out of my budget. <_< ) Most of the requirements listed below were found in your specs list, but I'm hoping to get verification from your techie gurus that your server set up meets them truly, in case I'm missing something.



1. Requirements

- Apache with mod-rewrite enabled and "Options All" so you can use a local .htaccess file

- PHP 5.2+. The later the better. PHP 5.3 is required for communications with the Diaspora network and improved security.

- PHP *command line* access with register_argc_argv set to true in the php.ini file [or see 'poormancron' in section 8]

- curl, gd (with at least jpeg support), mysql, mbstring, mcrypt, and openssl extensions

- some form of email server or email gateway such that PHP mail() works

- Mysql 5.x

- ability to schedule jobs with cron (Linux/Mac) or Scheduled Tasks (Windows) [Note: other options are presented in Section 8 of this document]



The full installation document is located here if you need more information:



Any advice would be appreciated as it's been many, many years since I've set up anything on a webserver. ^_^



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