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Should I use this Plucky little CMS?


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The way I have my documents' folder set up I have seperate directories for different kinds of files. For example I have one directory for stylesheets and another for document files and another for images. This makes it easy to edit the layouts and the documents and images independantly of each other. But each project has its own local copies of every file it needs, so if an image is used in two documents there are three copies of the images- one master copy in the images directory and two copies in the two "images" subdirectories of each project. That is to say, if I have an image of a red balloon I'll have one file at:


./documents/images/redballon/images/redballoon.png (the master copy)


and another two at






This makes updating projects a hassle because I need to manually replace each copy of the image every time I update the master copy, and it makes searching my documents folder difficult because I always have to check that I'm updating the master copy and not a local copy in subordiante project.


I would like to make it so updating the master copy automaticly updates all the local copies in other directories. I'm not sure but I think this is the sort of thing a content managment system handles? I read about A CMS called Pluck in Linux Pro magazine and it looks pretty simple but I'm not sure if it is exactly what I need, and if so what kind of configuring I have to do on the server. I'd like to set it up so I can run one copy locally on my computer in Windows, another copy under Linux and a third on the server without having to do tripple the administration; in other words I want the adminstration settings to be shared between all three copies and be able to copy my files right from my computer to the server without needing to do any further administration on the server side.


Is this practical? Has anyone tried Pluck? Is a CMS the way to go? Another possibility would be to write scripts to copy files to the requisite directory but then I would be missing out on all the other valuable features of which I understand to be substantial.

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