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New on MDD - AudioHammock.com

05 December 2013 - 01:41 PM

A couple Reddit posts and tweets from the guitarist from Coheed and Cambria bogged us down pretty good when we had shared hosting via Dreamhost.


Switched to MDD and haven't been anything but impressed. 


Run a small site featuring Rock, Indie, and Electronic music, news, reviews, and exclusive podcast.



Question about Nameserver propagation and FTP

02 December 2013 - 03:29 AM



I switched to MDD hosting and updated my nameservers to forward to MDD through my old host (Dreamhost). 

It looks like the refresh has cleared through DreamHost as my site is now down and I'm getting an error that I'm pretty sure is the default error of missing an index page.


I can upload files through the cPanel File Manager and view my page, (tested) but I still cannot connect to my ftp via FileZilla. I've double

and triple-checked my credentials as well as creating new ftp accounts and nothing goes through. Is this simply me trying to be to hasty and

I need to wait for more propagation or do I need to configure my cPanel/ftp client in a different way. I've imported the ftp configuration file

to FileZilla so I think my credentials should be good. This is my first Nameserver transfer so any guidance is appreciated and if I've missed something

incredibly elementary please forgive my ignorance. 


Edit: The FileZilla error is 530 login incorrect which google results show as server side.