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Best Practices for Incoming Mail Configuration

21 July 2015 - 05:05 PM

In reviewing the Knowledgebase I noted that the most recent 'instructions' for configuring email set up for Outlook is 2010. :-/


95% of my clients use Outlook/Office365


I have for some time now (upon Michael's suggestion) been advising clients to use the server designation, ie nameofserver.supportedns.com when setting up their Outlook for the incoming mail server.


What I am hoping to get here is the latest and optimum configuration details for incoming mail in order to minimize issues that crop up.


I was going to start a support ticket but as I perused the forum and couldn't locate the info that I was looking for, thought I would post here.


While not specifically wanting to address  Windows Mail, Outlook or Office365 or whatever variation of email program that Microsoft puts out to torture me, it is what I use (ugh!) primarily so that I can assist my clients with issues that from time to time pop their heads out of the ground.


I, right now, am getting emails from a client's IT Dept because they can't get some email addresses set up despite what I have found to be tried and true.


Comments and suggestions most appreciated