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1 Year On!

07 April 2010 - 02:46 AM

About a year ago our websites we're in trouble, our current host wasn't able to provide the power and room for expansion that we so desperately needed so we searched in vain for another decent host. We found a few from recommendations and made the move to a host in Europe, it was probably the single most disastrous move we ever made for our sites. Our rankings dropped like hot bricks, our visitors left and we were at our wits end because that host told us we should upgrade to a dedicated server at a cost that we couldn't afford.

Then, luckily, we posted on a webmasters forum and the replies came flooding in, however one host stood out amongst the rest. Having nothing to loose we asked for the assistance of MDD Hosting and they started the migration process for us almost immediately. After the sites were moved across and everything was in place I was literally gobsmacked at the speed. I had previously thought our sites were suffering from some kind of major code problems but it was obvious they weren't as I'd never before seen our sites operate as fast as this.

That was a year or so ago and since then we've thrown one challenge after another at the MDD Hosting Team as we progress with our sites and each time they have rose to the challenge. Most of our sites are PHP with MySQL but also have other lesser known dependancies which the team at MDD dealt with immediately and efficiently. I did, originally, have slight reservations about hosting with another company from the US as the time difference between them and us here in the UK may be a problem if we needed their assistance but the team at MDD just don't sleep! They are on hand 24/7!.

MDD Hosting are probably the only hosting company I know that will tell it to you exactly as it is, an example of this is when I enquired about upgrading to a dedicated server but was told we didn't need one as our stats to date indicated we had more than enough breathing space on our current VPS, hows that for honesty!.

All the staff I've dealt with at MDD have been extremely polite, understanding and remarkably efficient at what they do. Any tickets I've ever raised with them have been regarding questions or new features of my own which, while not necessarily supported, have met with a great response and as much help and assistance as they can offer given that most times we're dealing with bespoke scripts that don't usually fit the norm, a lesser host would have refused to become involved and ran a mile.

I've since had a few people contact me on that webmasters forum regarding MDD and how we're getting on, and I have no hesitation in recommending them which I didn't think I would find myself ever doing, recommending a host, but MDD have the same ideals, the same aspirations and the same committment as me and everyone else they host, we want to show our websites to the world, 24/7, 365 days a year with no downtime and we want to be proud of our sites and through MDD hosting they make this possible and at great value also.

Anyone considering a new host will find MDD invaluable, they are certainly the home of our sites for life!.

Kind Regards
Mark Williamson