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In Topic: Jasmine Emergency Kernel Update Status

15 May 2013 - 12:33 AM

We're moving in that direction but we're still too small to have the capital on-hand to buy the very expensive equipment it takes to do a cloud right.

I wish we could now and it's a matter of time but we're not there yet.

cPanel in and of itself doesn't support that functionality and we're not to the point of being able to invest into a larger cloud infrastructure.

There is no way our test environment would know to replicate a processor failing - the update would have been successful and taken less than 5 minutes as it did on all other servers.

The issue wasn't the software update, the issue was that a processor in the server completely failed.


Thank you for being forthcoming and forthright.  Although this situation is unfortunate, I have to say that MDDHosting is really a great hosting company compared to the other guys. This incident seems to be an exception to the norm rather than occurring every week like the other guys.  It is this fact that I will continue to use MDD.

In Topic: Jasmine Emergency Kernel Update Status

14 May 2013 - 11:37 PM

1. This is unreal.. really a cloud server that can not be rolled back while you figure out what is wrong? Are you kidding me?

2. It is not OK that you have no eta. I have client sites on here funneling thousands of dollars of leads to the email hosted on here. 

3. I look unprofessional having recommended your server over oh lets say RACKSPACE who would never do a  KERNEL update on a live server


I sort of agree with Jacqui.  I'm a IT professional in the corporate world and Hardware Failure should really be a thing of the past with cloud servers and redundancy.  In our organization, we have redundant servers so if 1 server fail, all software and services are moved to another server without any interaction.  Once the failure occurs, I'm alerted of the failure and fix the hardware issue but I don't need to worry about services since it has been moved or migrated to another server already.  My job has become stress free because of this design.  How come MDD hosting doesn't have this type of system in place?  Also, we have a test development environment in which we duplicate the existing production environment and before any major update, we perform it in the test environment before production.  If these two things are adopted by MDDHosting, I believe the downtime could have been avoided or at the very least, minimized to several minutes.