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Hosting Multiple Domains Without Reselling

06 May 2013 - 11:31 PM

I used to be a reseller customer with another provider before recently signing up with MDDHosting. I used a reseller account merely for the ability to host multiple websites at a decent price, that could exist in "separate environments".


I did not actually resell hosting and still have absolutely no desire to do so. I am currently a Semi-Dedicated customer here at MDDHosting. I like the added power and limited users on the Semi-Dedicated plan, as opposed to the Shared and Reseller plans.


I would like to be able to host a hand full of personal websites under my plan, but without having to make them sub domains or "Addon Domains." I would basically like the functionality of WHM to setup separate cPanel instances, but I do not need any billing etc. I just want to host a few basic brochure websites for my personal projects.


Is this possible on the Semi-Dedicated plan?


Or, must I drop down to a Reseller plan, although I do not want to white label, bill, etc.?


Could I just install WHMCS in cPanel on my Semi-Dedicated account?


Thanks for the great hosting and helpful service!