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how to build new site while old site online

18 June 2012 - 05:58 AM

hi all

Not sure if I can post this here but I'm having trouble finding help even through google ( I don't really know how to phrase it I think ).

I've just moved to MDD, and I'm now wanting to upgrade and redesign my joomla based sites entirely, while keeping the current sites online and active.

But I don't know how I do this ? What's the best way to do it ? It appears that I just create a subdirectory inside the root folder of the current site and build the entire site there. Then I'm not sure what the process or steps are to delete the current site and replace with the new one using the original URL. Does that explain it enough ? Is this how I do it ? are there several ways and are there things I need to be aware of ?

And also, are there recognised search terms to find some help through google ? It's all new territory for me doing this.

Thanks for any help


PS I've found a few things using 'how build new website keep current website active' search terms, but I forgot to specify joomla as I got lots of wordpress. I'll try that. But if anyone here can help, please jump in...

migrating from Hsphere control panel to cPanel

08 April 2012 - 09:36 PM

hi mike

Was wondering if there are any potential issues or concerns with migrating my sites from their current Hsphere control panel environment to the MDD cPanel environment ?

It was suggested I just run it by you in the forums here. ( just in case )

thanks, paul

what do I need to do to prep for site relocation to MDD ?

04 April 2012 - 04:14 PM

hi again

I've been working on reducing http requests and reducing bot hits etc, at my sites at another webhost. It's a bit of a learning curve but I thought I was getting there. I also have set up a CDN for the sites at rackspace UK, which seems to be working too. All in the last 10 days, after they shut me down, without any warning or communication.

I got access again while I worked at improving things ( I don't really know if indeed the situation is THAT bad comparatively really ). I also suspect that server overcrowding is also probably a factor too.

But I just got shutdown again without notice, despite all this effort, and despite zero support form their system admins ( who I'm thinking may not be there anymore ). I've been there 5 or 6 years without major issue until now. I'm not a coder and my sites are all joomla sites, so I mostly need access to the site to tweak or add apps that help reduce server loa. General user traffic is quite low as the sites haven't really been promoted or developed properly ( despite their longish existence.)

I've just learnt about xml sitemaps and sprites but I need to use online generators for those, and I need site access to do that, for the generators to work. So I'm in a very trying spot. I'm desperately trying to make things work efficiently.

I'm currentlty waiting on a reply from them, so I can get more access to work on them.

BUT, what do I need to do to prepare for a relocation to MDD ? There is one account, it has what you call a few addon domains. Do I need to wait till I get access again to make a transfer possible ?

I'm happy to send you some site stats to check over, as I egt some new current ones, if you like, so you can see how they look and function, server wise etc.

I'm keen to move. I like what I've read about you guys there. I want support that understands english and is more experienced and tech savvy than what I have now. I want to have low server usage sites too and am doing everything I can to improve things. ( now learning about sprites, which I think would help my sites a lot ).

The issue with my sites seems mostly to be spambots ( my robots.txt files were approved and checked by the webhost support person ) and recently the frequent manually instanced browser cron jobs I was making to learn and get the CDN app working properly.

Hopefully I haven't put you off hosting my sites, and I am still welcome.....


PS just to sum up : what do I need to do to prep for the move - technically and with the current webhost, and with MDD ( assuming you'll take me ) ? The domains are registered elsewhere, by the way.

reseller plans

04 April 2012 - 09:02 AM

hi again

Could you explain how reseller hosting works please ? I don't quite get it all.

Using the basic plan as an example, I see it's a 25gb data size account, with a limit of 25 accounts.

Does that mean that the 25gb is shared amongst the 25 ( or 12 or whatever ) accounts ?

And I can use one of those accounts for my own site(s) ?

And if a client has a tech issue, needs tech support of some kind, would they come to me and then I submit it to you or ....how does it work ?

thanks, paul

site optimisation help available ?

26 March 2012 - 07:48 PM

hi again

1. I'm at another host and am looking at moving. I also need to optimise my sites ( which are all joomla btw ) and was wondering if you guys would normally be available to assist with that ( more than just telling me to install a robots.txt file that is ) ? Things like help with js and css compression and minifying....for example.

My sites are quite large but ostly user dormant, though I'm looking at getting them going now. I've also set up a CDN for cloud file storage, which should be good ( hopefully ).

2. Is there also a cpanel facility for monitoring things like http requests and site performance aspects ? that would be handy. ( I'm just getting familiar with online web page speed testers and firebug's YSLOW etc ). Not essential but would be handy if there was something in the account cpanel.

3. is there much spam in the email accounts of sites here ? is it a case of constantly manually cleaning out spam ? ( despite filters )

thanks again guys