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In Topic: Domain registrar suggestions?

20 July 2011 - 03:40 PM

I'm a big fan of onlinenic - a domain wholesaler - have used them for many years now.

I only own around 20 domains but have saved a small fortune in fees...

In Topic: [Completed] Fresco Server - Restoration Completed - File System Check Competed

21 June 2011 - 08:42 AM

I would just like to say fantastic job Mike (and team) for all your hard work in restoring the server - it was a huge task and as always you didn't disappoint - everything is restored for us with 0 data loss and 0 email loss either (although emails were of course delayed).

Very well done.

When you've had some sleep I'd very much appreciate a complete summary of the causes for the downtime over the last day and the steps taken to resolve them so I can pass them onto my clients.


In Topic: [Completed] Fresco Server - Restoration Completed - File System Check Competed

20 June 2011 - 01:30 PM

MDD have been fantastic over the past year for me....but today this is extreme! Its hurting business :( :(

MDD have been brilliant for me also - and several hours of downtime isn't the end of the world as a result of such a big DDOS attack. What's really important is no loss of data and prompt restoration.

For those who complain of a lack of updates I know Mike won't take a break until everything is up and running again - and I would rather he was working on restoring services than constantly posting updates.

As someone who has experience with half a dozen hosts - I am happy in the knowledge that MDD continues to deliver the best service around - and when attacks like this happen (which they inevitably do) - they are promptly resolved.

In Topic: New MDDHosting.com Design - Seeking direct customer feedback.

10 June 2011 - 05:37 PM

Great job with the new design Mike - looks fantastic!