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#7392 Major Outage - 09/21/18+ - Client Discussion

Posted by digibread on 26 September 2018 - 11:00 AM


To the person who started a crowd funding initiative on behalf of MDDHosting, just let me express that MDDHosting is not the victim, all of the company's clients are.  All of the company's clients who trusted that MDDHosting would professionally manage their websites were injured in one way or the other.  If there is, indeed, a crowd funding initiative, then the recipients of any funds should be MDDHosting's customers, the people who suffered and were inconvenienced.  Here's why -- what happened was not an "act of God." It was not a server failure or a datacenter fire.  


What happened was human incompetence ... a inexcusable human mistake ... a self-inflicted error ... or, a "man made disaster" as a lawyer friend calls it.  It should not have happened.  And, liability (responsibility) is with MDDHosting. 


Perhaps even worse is the fact that MDDHosting’s backup system - which would have enabled expeditious recovery - had been deactivated …. turned OFF.  Another “man made disaster.”


You and I learned about this through at least two extraordinarily lengthy emails from Michael Denney, including details on the incorrect code entered that deleted everything.  As someone who respects Michael, I wish he had not spent time writing those emails and more time on finding a fix.  Additionally, those emails expose the company to untold legal exposure at this point.


As for our sites, we are discussing whether to throw in the towel.  Our primary site is BoomerCafe.com, a baby boomer story sharing initiative that was launched in 1999.  Nearly 20 years of equity has been wiped out in less than a week.  I hope Michael and MDDHosting will find a professional and responsible way to make us … ALL of us … whole with our respective damages due to this disaster that was clearly … CLEARLY … the result of human failure.



Sir, I started the fundraiser and I don't mean any disrespect to you, but you (and anyone else thinking like you) clearly did not read your end user agreement when you signed up. Your Data and Access to it, is Your Responsibility! That goes with any hosting provider out there. Your loss in equity is your fault and yours alone. There are so many ways (for site owners, hosting resellers, etc.) to mitigate what all of us experienced here that there is no excuse. The final responsibility will always and does now stop with you.


Human error will always play into anything we do as businesses and most companies could give a $h1t about their customers. MDD is not like that at all and Michael's transparency is refreshing and much appreciated. MDD is a small business with an exceptional owner with a young family and responsibilities to employees. They clearly have responsibilities to their customers and have performed to the best of their abilities given the situation. 


I had over 32 customers down for 4 days, including a National Food Chain and not one single loss or complaint like yours. You see, even if MDD was a terrible service provider and didn't have any backup I could have quickly setup new hosting and them all back online within a 24 and the most critical within a few. However, each one trusted me that MDD would come through and they did. 


You are correct in this: MDD is not a victim, but sir, neither are you! The fundraisers that piss me off are the ones for political douche bags. And they get untold amounts of support, Ridiculous!


Maybe we could all be a little more HUMAN and show some love, patience and understanding for one another. Geez, try and put yourself in their shoes.


Anyways, Thank you for giving me another opportunity to post a link to one worthy of starting.



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#7389 Major Outage - 09/21/18+ - Client Discussion

Posted by digibread on 26 September 2018 - 10:31 AM

A few things I've learned in the 18 years of hosting websites:


1. Have your own backups stored offsite.

     - I back up databases daily and file system weekly for all sites.

2. Don't be a cheap hosting service. The lower your prices the lower the quality of customers. 

    - I only offer a managed hosting service for a premium price (1000% higher than the cheap hosts). Fewer clients but they are the best.

    - I offer a 50% discount to non-profits (and believe it or not they were the squeakiest wheels during this outage.) so you get my point.

3. Don't host email unless you want to hate life and lose money. Refer them to Google Hosted Apps or Office 365, and if you must resell email try GoDaddy Workspace.

   - I host email for only 3 clients, on MDD and charge for it separately. It is by far and away, what I get most support tickets on. My customers pay extra because they want to get me on the phone. None of them complained throughout this event even being down for 4 days.

   - I also charge separately (hourly) for DNS service and support, SSL service and support, as well as helping setup 3rd party email and supporting it ongoing.

4. In your pre-sales process make it clear that outages happen (this is technology) and you'll be there for them, that you have a plan and you'll always be honest and forthright. (if they don't do business with you because of this. GOOD)

5. If you build websites, build them locally and use a versioning system like Git (my favorite, especially with BitBucket), SVN, etc.. Need a LAMP stack look at Laragon (my favorite), Serverpress Desktop Server, or Local by Flywheel, there is also XAMPP and WAMPP

6. When you find a good hosting provider (like MDD) be loyal and stick with them.

   - I've been an administrator and made mistakes equal to what happened here, albeit on a smaller scale of customers but nonetheless, it sucks and I always had great friends, family and customers that stuck by me and encouraged me through the crap storm.

   - If you are hosting websites and put the onus on the security of your data on ANY third party provider you're a fool and need to get out.


Doing the above mitigated my stress to a minimum and my loss to zero through this. I understand that problems like these are relative, it hurts and it's never fun. However when I compare MDD to my prior experiences they have been stellar. Yes they had dramatic process and system failures but don't forget, their last line of defense worked. Not only that but they never give up trying new methods to speed up the process and I'm ultra impressed by the fact that things will wrap up soon.


MDD Hosting I'm not going anywhere.

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