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In Topic: Major Outage - 09/21/18+ - Client Discussion

26 September 2018 - 02:13 PM

Is anyone on the S2 server experiencing sending emails from a desktop client (i.e. Outlook or Thunderbird)?


It was working for me until about 45 minutes ago.  just wondering if its me or not...

In Topic: Major Outage - 09/21/18+ - Client Discussion

26 September 2018 - 08:58 AM

For whatever is worth to people considering leaving MDD, I would like to say that I will be staying with MDD.


Although I don't share the fanboysim from few individuals here, I know that Mike and his team have been solid since becoming their customer in Jan 2013.


Yes, no doubt about it.  This was a big, self-inflicted f***up.  BUT, Mike and his team stepped up and owned it and I believe that deserves some credit.


And I like his plans on minimizing the risk of these types of catastrophic events from happening again in the future.  I would like to hear more about backup testings in future.


As a small business owner myself, I do like supporting other small businesses.  So as long as Mike delivers on his promises, he has my support.


Lastly, what happened here does not absolve myself from being more diligent either.  Here is a screenshot of what Mike told me back in 2013 before I became his customer.  A good advice, still in 2018!




In Topic: Major Outage - 09/21/18+ - Client Discussion

25 September 2018 - 12:47 PM


If I were MDD, I would be contacting the storage vendor and see if there's a way to disable or require a confirmation or escalation before even being able to do a drop command like that. 


Excellent point. 


I would go even one step further and explore if snapshots can be manged by an admin who does *not* have the privilege to issue discard commands.

In Topic: Major Outage - 09/21/18+ - Client Discussion

25 September 2018 - 10:08 AM

Just wanted to say thanks again.  ALL of my reseller accounts on R1 are back and working 100%, including a vBulletin forum and several wordpress sites.  The restore was from last Tuesday afternoon, but that only matters for the forum. (and I auto back it up twice daily to my home server, so that's not really an issue)


NO problems here.


We had a similar problem back on 9/11/01, when our previous data center/isp was knocked out by the falling twin towers.  They were down for more than a month.  


Great work, team.  After this, you may need to sleep for a week.



Having gone through 9-11 working in tech for a large financial firm, I disagree that this event is remotely comparable to what happened back then.


9-11 was an externally driven event; what happened here is self-inflicted. 


Not counting on the critical human error (because we all make mistakes), the gap between the advertised backup / redundancy guarantees to the actual recovery effort is too far and too wide in my opinion.


I agree that MDD deserves some kudos for being transparent as it struggled to recover but I am not ready to write any congratulatory letters because I have two well paying customers who are angry and are ready fire me and I have to spend my time and money to fix this fiasco.


So the hard lesson for me is to NOT get lazy and rely on any given company, even those with positive reputations, because at the end of the day, I am responsible for my own business.


For those of you impacted, I implore you to:


1.  Move any/all domains out to a separate registrar so that you can control your DNS

2.  Regularly back up everything and store them in cloud and local storagte

3.  Pay for an alternative hosting company as a stanby

4.  Regularly restore backups with standby hosting and test!


Good luck

In Topic: Major Outage - 09/21/18+ - Client Discussion

25 September 2018 - 07:44 AM

my sites with s2 server are up, though it looks like the server ip address was changed from to xxx.xxx.xxx.16


all my email account passwords are not working so i will need to check on those to see why.


although I have the urge to do a full cpanel and site backups, I am going to wait so that I don't negatively impact the server.


good luck everyone