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Changing cPanel and FTP passwords

24 February 2017 - 02:54 AM

I just signed up with MDD and would like to change the Control Panel and FTP passwords that MDD initially set up for me. 


I found the following article:  http://www.mddhostin...I-reset-it.html


This article says that I can change my cPanel password by going to the client area and, after a few more clicks, clicking on Actions and then Change Password.  The dialog here says "Change password", without saying which password, but the password it changes seems to be my client area password, not my cPanel password.


cPanel Password & Security also allows me to change a password, but it also does not say which password it changes - cPanel, email, client area, or FTP.


Question 1: How do I change the cPanel password?


Question 2: The initial FTP password that MDD sent me is the same as the initial cPanel password.  Are these two passwords always the same?


Question 3: If the FTP password is different, how do I change it?