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#2337 [Resolved] Fresco Outage - DDoS Attack Mitigated

Posted by SnakEyez on 05 May 2011 - 06:48 PM

The total downtime from this incident was 12 minutes from start to finish.

I have to admit these updates are nice. But let's be serious, I own a Playstation 3, I laugh at 12 minutes of downtime.
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#1888 PHP 5.3?

Posted by SnakEyez on 06 February 2011 - 09:51 AM

Well, what I would do for me is different than what I would do to 15 of my customers! But its a moot issue for me anyway, as I can control what version of PHP I'm using on the VPS.

A moot issue, but still a friendly discussion. No one is here to judge. I'm sorry you feel the need to stand politically correct in the middle, when it seems your expertise and insight could help make this topic very informative to novice users as this is a very common question with web hosting today.

To jump back to Charles' topic, G3 is designed to work with PHP 5.3 and from the bug tracker I can see from the development they were including PHP 5.3 bugs in there and what I seem to find suggests they most are fixed. Support was added at Beta 3 per their release.
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#1885 PHP 5.3?

Posted by SnakEyez on 05 February 2011 - 03:29 PM

I'll be a dissenting voice; already, the 5.2.16 version of PHP 'breaks' scripts using certain deprecated functions like ereg and eregi. And not all the script authors have responded to that yet (and 5.2 has been out since 2009 or something).

I'm on a VPS so I think I have more control of when its updated, but barring security issues, I'm in no hurry to be on the "bleeding edge".

Of course, I'm not anticipating using new features not available in 5.2 either! That would make a difference.

I don't think anyone here is arguing if a business relies on 5.2 that they should be forced to upgrade right away. I think everyone is discussing choice. Some people think Windows XP is fine while others would say Windows 7 is better. And to put those both in perspective, there are many XP programs that are incompatible with Windows 7, and Windows 7 was released 5 months after PHP 5.3 (June 09->October 09. And to further that PHP 5.2 end of support date of 10/26/2010 and Windows XP end of support is 4/8/14. So based on your bleeding edge comment, would you say Windows 7 is a riskier investment than PHP 5.3 and agree that you would upgrade to PHP 5.3 before Windows 7?
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#1872 PHP 5.3?

Posted by SnakEyez on 02 February 2011 - 08:46 PM

What we're more likely to do is roll out a new server with 5.3 and give people the option to move to that new server if they want 5.3.

If you are waiting for people to start moving in that direction sign me up. The only script I really rely on is IPB which is compatible with 5.3 and I have nothing that would require me to stay with the old version. So if you need volunteers for this new server I'm willing to have my name added to the list. I'm all for safe and stable, but when things reach end of life I'm all for moving forward.

So that makes 2 users. Any other takers out there?
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