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How may I enable iOS apps to publish to my hosted Wordpress blog?

03 August 2020 - 05:44 PM

I have a Wordpress blog hosted on an mddhosting shared server: apfwebs.com.

Of course, the simplest manner in which to publish blog content is to use the browser, go to wp-admin, and add a post.

Alternatively, the Wordpress app allows easy access: just provide the wpxadmin URL, username, and password.

Aside from the Wordpress app, though, Ive tried, and failed, with ByWord. To establish a publishing connection, again, I offer URL, username, and password. But I get the message Wordpress XML-RPC interface not found. Confirm that the given address points to a Wordpress blog.

Why one app should offer this error, and not the other app, has me puzzled. Suggestions?