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Forums on the decline

02 December 2010 - 07:29 AM

Running a forum is not easy. Honestly I think people have a better chance of success hosting anything other than a forum. I'm starting to wonder if forums are on the way out? Forums just don't seem sustainable anymore. Of course those folks who have successful forums or have been around a long time and have been lucky accuse others of not working hard enough

What dose everyone think? Are forums just too fair behind the times? is it worth it to run a forum anymore?


02 December 2010 - 06:02 AM

I came across this software after looking at webbycart's remote back up. This seems like an interesting script. Probably based on the WMH back up script floating around. The question for me is can your restore using this script. It sounds like its not possible and you still have to log in into your remote provider and do it manually. Seems like a good option though.


Thoughts? is anyone willing to try this?

Paypal Debit card and my paypal experience

06 November 2010 - 08:23 PM

So I decdied to apply for a paypal Debit card. I didn't really need it but I thought hey its free and It might be a good option to have. I don't know about others but my bank card tends to wear out badly. it doesn't help that the bank has long terms 4 plus years between reissues of a debit card. And I also thought if I ever end up bringing money in through paypal it will be really nice to have access to it right away.

So I figured this would be simply, nope. I was first denied for a debit card. That was fine with me. But Paypal wasn't. Paypal proceeded to put my account into review status and I was asked to prove my identity. Keep in mind my account had never passed much money to me. And I've never had problems with unauthorized access. So after freaking out about losing my account . I sent in all the infromation I could find. And thankfully my account was returned to good standing and oddly I was approved for a debit card. Well now I have a paypal debit card. But I wonder if all that work was worth it.

But its nice to have the option for 1% cash back on purchases if you sign your name or have paypal's logo on your website.

Dose anyone else have one of these cards? If so what has been your experience with it? Do you ever have issues with it not working or having paypal hold funds on you? Also how has your paypal experience been?