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Controlling outgoing SPAM with SPF

29 July 2014 - 11:48 PM

I was receiving a lot of Bounce replies for mails I never sent. I know what email forging is and how easy it is to do it. But when it started to become very frequent off late, I wanted to find out if I had any options to secure my outgoing email.


Looks like there was something hidden and sitting in my cPanel. I enabled the SPF feature in Email Authentication. It displayed me a SPF record. I checked my DNS records for my domain and I saw that the SPF entry was already made in the DNS Zone file. 


However, I use Gmail's Send Mail As feature to send outgoing email from my domain. I do send mail using my own domain's SMTP servers (xxxx.supporteddns.com) and not using Gmail's SMTP servers.


I would like to allow this and make sure that the SPF record generated above includes / or is applicable to mail being sent from my Gmail through my MDDHosting SMTP servers.


Now is there anything I need to do in this situation? Or will Gmail automatically be allowed to send email without getting flagged as Spam? Do I need to include gmail's MX / A / Domain name in the SPF configuration screen on cPanel to ensure this works correctly?