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In Topic: Major Outage - 09/21/18+ - Client Discussion

23 September 2018 - 01:05 PM

R1 - I just want to clarify when R1 will be restored. Is that after S1-S5? I ask because I think (?) my reseller accounts are all on R1, but I may be viewing this wrong. Take your time answering and thank you in advance. 

In Topic: Major Outage - 09/21/18+ - Client Discussion

23 September 2018 - 01:01 PM

The default page should be better now for when your site doesn't load should be better now.

It is SOOOOO much better - thank you!!!!

In Topic: Major Outage - 09/21/18+ - Client Discussion

23 September 2018 - 12:56 PM

I agree with Newbie. My trust in MDD is stronger based on how they are responding to this crisis. I am a lifer as long as I have clients to host. I've struggled with how much to share with my clients and came up with this email. Feel free to use it if it will help you.  




Dear All,


My hosting provider (where your sites are stored) is fighting an ongoing recovery process on a major outage at their server facility. First of all, your website data is fine - I have offsite backups so that is not an issue; however some of your sites are offline. Secondly, MDD is working on restoring the sites but they cannot state when (precisely) the sites will be back online, but say it should be within 24-48 hours. This is causing an inconvenience to each of you and for some, a loss of revenue, donations, and opportunities. For this, I am truly sorry and I am monitoring the situation closely.


I have trusted MDD Hosting for 8 years or more, and I can say that nothing like this has ever happened before. Their attention to customer service is unmatched in an industry where so many larger hosting companies care only about the margins. I care about the service and I believe that what has happened here is a very unfortunate sequence of events that has led to a disastrous outage. I remain diligent in following their progress in restoring your sites and will test each of them as they come back online. In the event that their backups are not as current as mine, I will restore my backups over theirs. I run backups daily in the event that something like this occurs so we are in good shape there.


The reason that I cannot simply restore the backup to the server now – instead of waiting for MDD – is because their restoration is at an account level. Until they restore the account and its respective cPanel, I have nothing to load the backup onto. I have asked them if I can simply create a new (temporary) account for my clients and restore my backups there but this is not possible. I’m doing everything that I can to see if I can provide some temporary relief. It is worth noting that MDD is improving their backup and restore process as a part of this experience.


One of the reasons that I trust MDD so much is that they are incredibly transparent in admitting mistakes and doing the right thing for the right reason. I have full faith in them now and going forward and I am 100% confident that this will not occur again. I say that based on all of the details that I’ve been following. If you are interested in the technical details, please let me know and I will gladly share them with you. 


I welcome your questions, comments, and concerns. Again, I am truly sorry about this situation. I value your business and appreciate your patience.


--> END


Thank you to all at MDD for your continued transparency and hard work!