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#4991 Facility-Wide Disruption of Connectivity

Posted by MikeDVB on 28 February 2014 - 11:18 AM

Unfortunately I have nothing new to provide at this point as those working on the issue are focused on fixing it and not focused on updating me [for obvious reasons].  We're not the only customer at the facility affected - I will do my best to update this thread if anything changes or I have more information to provide.

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#4989 Facility-Wide Disruption of Connectivity

Posted by MikeDVB on 28 February 2014 - 10:32 AM

MDDHosting.com is hosted within the facility - the sheer fact that you can view and respond to this thread further goes to show not everybody is affected.


I have come to find out that the issue is a high-level Juniper issue [Handy Networks uses Juniper Routing and Switching] and their emergency support has been activated.  It will be resolved as quickly as humanly possible but I have no ETA.

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#4984 Facility-Wide Disruption of Connectivity

Posted by MikeDVB on 28 February 2014 - 09:35 AM

Our data center facility, Handy Networks, is experiencing an extremely major DDoS attack that I believe is focused on their infrastructure.  Due to the nature of the attack and the size of the attack we unfortunately do not have an ETA nor is resolution of this issue within our direct control.  All staff at the facility are on-hand and actively working to resolve the issue as it's affecting everybody in the facility and not just us.

Do understand that *we* nor none of our customers are under attack but this attack is large enough to affect the entire facility.  Normally such an issue would be handled in 5 minutes or less but the duration of this incident further indicates the severity of this attack.

Connectivity is not completely lost but is intermittent as not all connections to the facility are affected - for example - I'm able to access the network fine in order to send you this message but my own connectivity is hit or miss.

Once this issue is resolved I'm sure the facility will issue an official RFO [Reason For Outage] which we will make available.

We're sorry for the trouble this issue may be causing you and we're sure our facility will get it sorted as quickly as humanly possible.

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#4942 It is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT that you keep all of your scripts UP TO DATE!

Posted by MikeDVB on 24 February 2014 - 05:34 AM

Outdated scripts, themes, and plugins continue to be the number one leading cause of compromised accounts.  Just because a theme or plugin is 'disabed' or not in use does NOT mean that it cannot be used against you.

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#4939 BackWPUp plugin for Wordpress and MDD

Posted by MikeDVB on 24 February 2014 - 12:35 AM

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#4932 DDoS Attack on Echo /

Posted by MikeDVB on 20 February 2014 - 11:40 PM

The filtration is in place, all sites are now back online.


If this attack mutates or grows substantially there is a possibility we will not be able to keep it filtered but we will obviously do our absolute best.

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#4931 DDoS Attack on Echo /

Posted by MikeDVB on 20 February 2014 - 11:32 PM

The filtration is almost in place, ETA ~10 minutes.


We're changing some of our routing as well to route our traffic exclusively through the 10GBPS links so that, with luck, it won't overwhelm any links and we can keep everybody online through the attack.

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#4930 DDoS Attack on Echo /

Posted by MikeDVB on 20 February 2014 - 10:35 PM

I've gotten with our facility and they believe they can filter this attack completely but it may take ~60 minutes to get the filtration in place. Until this happens the sites on '' will remain offline to maintain server and network stability. If we bring this IP back online prior to the filtration it will take the entire server [and likely our entire network] offline.

Understand if this attack grows substantially the filtration will not be sufficient [i.e. at some point it will begin to degrade the entire network] - if this happens those on the affected IP would remain offline but we're hoping not to get to that point.
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#4907 DDoS Attack on Echo /

Posted by MikeDVB on 20 February 2014 - 08:40 AM

thanks. everything is set to echo.supportedns.com already but no emails have been received since we repoted the attack.


Hopefully when restored they will all come in at once.


Should we trace back with clients in case emails would have been rejected or sent to us and we still do not receive them or would it be safe to assume that they should be in after a while?

I sent you a PM just now.

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#4439 Jasmine Emergency Kernel Update Status

Posted by MikeDVB on 14 May 2013 - 11:42 PM

I sort of agree with Jacqui.  I'm a IT professional in the corporate world and Hardware Failure should really be a thing of the past with cloud servers and redundancy.

We're moving in that direction but we're still too small to have the capital on-hand to buy the very expensive equipment it takes to do a cloud right.

I wish we could now and it's a matter of time but we're not there yet.

In our organization, we have redundant servers so if 1 server fail, all software and services are moved to another server without any interaction.  Once the failure occurs, I'm alerted of the failure and fix the hardware issue but I don't need to worry about services since it has been moved or migrated to another server already.  My job has become stress free because of this design.  How come MDD hosting doesn't have this type of system in place?

cPanel in and of itself doesn't support that functionality and we're not to the point of being able to invest into a larger cloud infrastructure.

Also, we have a test development environment in which we duplicate the existing production environment and before any major update, we perform it in the test environment before production.  If these two things are adopted by MDDHosting, I believe the downtime could have been avoided or at the very least, minimized to several minutes.

There is no way our test environment would know to replicate a processor failing - the update would have been successful and taken less than 5 minutes as it did on all other servers.

The issue wasn't the software update, the issue was that a processor in the server completely failed.
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#4412 Jasmine Emergency Kernel Update Status

Posted by MikeDVB on 14 May 2013 - 08:20 PM

Jasmine is online, it's playing catch-up to the monumental pile of requests it's facing due to being offline. I estimate 5~10 minutes before things normalize.
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#4301 Icarus Server - Inbound DDoS on

Posted by MikeDVB on 21 April 2013 - 06:40 AM

The IP has been re-routed but I cannot guarantee how long this will be the case. We're working on splitting accounts up across a few IPs to limit the impact of the attack as well as to hopefully identify who is under attack. Due to the nature of the attack, it's hitting the IP itself and isn't clearly making it known which site is being attacked.
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#4231 PHP 5.3 will become the default version within the next 60 days.

Posted by MikeDVB on 28 February 2013 - 05:39 PM

All customer servers (shared, reseller, semi-dedicated) are now on PHP 5.3.22 as the default. PHP 5.2.X is no longer available on these platforms.
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#4060 Hi! Some questions!

Posted by MikeDVB on 22 December 2012 - 01:08 PM

Is the WHMCS free only for the first 3 years? It says Triennially.

It's free so long as your account is active, it's configured triennially so that you don't get a $0 invoice every month.

Can I create cPanel accounts that are "Unlimited" so I don't have to fiddle with resources constantly in case one site gets a traffic boost? It's gotten quite pesky to do, sadly.

Unlimited? No. Extremely high limits like 100000000 GB, yes. There isn't really any distinction between the two to be honest.

Are there coupons for returning customers for their loyalty if we have been with you guys for a while?

If you've been a customer in the past and wish to come back, you would just want to get with sales and see what we can do for you. There are a lot of factors that would affect what kind of discount if any we were able to offer for a returning customer, far too many to really lay out here.

Are we limited in domains or subdomains?

You set the limits yourself, but ultimately there is a finite limit (i.e. you can't host 1,000,000,000 domains on a reseller account).

Can we pipe email? Or control our MX entries (I've had a host long ago that disabled cpanel mx entries editing/mail all together).

Yes, Yes.

Can we use .htaccess files?


Can we use per-directory php.ini files?

No, php_value and php_flag within .htaccess - there is an entry in our knowledebase search it for "PHP Environment"

Will the sites listed above in the cPanel listings be fine on MDD Hosting reseller?

So long as you've reviewed our Terms of Service and you don't feel you'll be in violation I imagine you're fine - if you have specific questions about any of them, it's best to open a sales ticket.

Over a year ago we had one WordPress blog that had a faulty plugin. Our host disabled that site and told us the file using resources. I understand the disabling of the site. Will you guys do the same/disable and tell us the file/command that's causing the high usage so it's easier to track down and turn off if this happens again? (It was the old Flickr plugin, it had a loop)

We do what we can to work with you, but may not be able to tell you which specific file - something like the P3 Performance plugin for WordPress can, however, tell you which plugins are using the most resources, etc...

Can I mass email hosted users through WHM?

I believe so, but it's not something I recommend. I would suggest doing so via either WHMCS or something like phpList.

Can we disable cPanel accounts from using servermail at all so we can require them to use offsite like Google Apps instead?

You can disable their ability to create email accounts via packages, but cannot disable their ability to use php's mail() so yes and no.

Can I redesign my own cPanel?

If you have the skills to do so, yes :).

For the transfer. Can we only transfer a few sites over to see how they hold before transferring the rest with MDD's assistance?

If you're coming from cPanel you would just upload or otherwise make available a full cPanel backup and we can restore it, it doesn't take long. If you're coming from something other than cPanel you'll need to discuss the specifics with the sales department.

Can we use mod_rewrite?


Is it fine if we keep our domains off site/not controlled by MDD (We use name.com).

I don't see why not, so long as you have the ability to point to our nameservers. You can even use external DNS, but it's not recommended.

Some of the RPGs do have some adult content (it's very rare though). Is that acceptable? I see no clause in the TOS about this. The content is legal.

So long as it's not "XXX RPG 2.0" you should be fine. We only disallow sites whose sole purpose is distributing pornography, and not sites that may have occasional adult content.

Do you offer installation services for the SSL or are we on our own?

WHM->Install SSL Certificate - we can do it for you, or you can do it, but it's the exact same set of steps and takes only a moment either way.

Can we disable auto rebilling?

If you pay with PayPal and don't create a subscription, sure, you can pay manually each and every time. Even if you choose "PayPal" you can still pay with a card on the invoice itself. This will prevent the system from billing automatically but still allow you to use a card for convenience if you wanted.

When having a our previous reseller site transferred do you guys fix the DNS zones ips/information?

We don't do anything to the zones beyond what cPanel does itself to point the domain to the correct IP. I.e. if you have modified any of the default records such as the "www" cname or the a-record for the domain itself they may get reset - this is something you would need to check.

Does MDDHosting have any affiliation or link or connection with MDHosting? (The one D one, not two).

No. They were a terrible provider and went out of business quite a while ago.
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#3963 Extremely Slow WordPress Performance

Posted by MikeDVB on 05 November 2012 - 12:06 AM

Upon further investigation, I was able to reproduce this issue in a vanilla WordPress blog that I created for testing purposes. I created 22 posts that were 120 paragraphs totaling 10,712 words and 72.1 KB each.

We performed some additional optimization on our MySQL Configuration based upon the current usage. I believe part of the problem was some cache figures that were actually set too high. The system was spending more time searching those caches than it would take to serve the request directly and then when there was a cache miss it still had to serve the request direct.

Along the way we've also adjusted the Query Cache settings a bit, upping the overall cache and upping the query size that can be cached. It's possible that further optimization will be required, as we need to allow at least 24 hours but preferrably a week or two in-between to see how things are performing statistically to identify what changes need to be made.

If you have any questions at all, let us know.
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