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BackWPUp plugin for Wordpress and MDD


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On my previous host I was able to configure the BackWPUp plugin for Wordpress to the point where I could get satisfactory backups. It was a bit of a hassle as the plugin apparently is limited by server configurations and the like. At the moment I'm trying to configure it on my blogs on MDD and I just can't get the backups to execute properly.


The part that most of the backups fail on is where the compression of files etc is occurring. Whether I use gzip, tar or any other compression, I get a timeout of some sort. The author of the plugin suggests fiddling with some settings such as 'maximum script execution time'. Apparently on many shared server arrangements script execution times are limited somehow and fiddling with this setting somehow overrides it. Anyway, the bottom line is I can't perform backups with this plugin and I'd like to.


Anyone have any experience with this? Mdd guys?



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