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I just wanted to say that MDD Hosting has given me excellent support this past weekend - on a Saturday at midnight even! I couldn't access my website, email, or ftp services (I'm on the shared plan), and put in a ticket Saturday evening, expecting to hear something back the following Monday morning at the earliest. Well, I got a reply within minutes - I couldn't believe it. After going back and forth a few times with Mike, it turns out that the verification form I needed to reply to after setting up my account was in my spam folder, so I had missed it. It was my fault, and Mike was still very nice to me about it and I simply verified my domain registration contact information, and went to bed. All of my services (webpage, email, and ftp) were ready and good to go Sunday morning. Thanks Mike for the help - appreciate it!!!


Also, overall, my website, email, and ftp have been pretty much instantaneous and responsive thus far, so I'm very happy with MDD Hosting, and have already recommended them to a friend, who I think is going to sign up with MDD Hosting this weekend, or very soon.


Very happy customer, and definitely recommend to anyone looking for an excellent hosting service,


Bill Marr


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