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Just moved my personal site over from 1&1. Decided not to use the iNove theme so spent some quality time with CSSEdit to spice up the "classic" theme. Let me know what you guys think, or what other uber-cool WordPress themes are out there.


I'll probably use the site for other various stuff at times, testing out web apps, maybe some development, but my main site is the WordPress one. http://yanntx.info for your convenience.


On 1&1 the site used to be decent on load times, but that was back when it was static stuff mainly. The server just didn't do well with dynamic content...WordPress took forever to load. So after putting a few people on MDDHosting, I moved my site. The experience is just plain great. Granted, my personal site isn't media-heavy, but that doesn't negate the fact that it runs nicely on the service :)

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I assume you're not digitalnature... :)


...or are you?


If so, that's a beautiful theme. But I'm guessing you've switched to Arclite in the past 3 months. :)


Never got into Wordpress... I was a b2evolution guy, but WP had all the pretty themes.

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