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Echo Server - File System Check Required, Scheduled for Sunday, Jan 12, 2014 at 2 AM ET. Estimated maintenance window is 2 hours.

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This maintenance has been completed successfully and the server is back online at this time.



Unfortunately we believe the file system mounted on the root partition of the server has some issues. While the server functions fine for serving data, MySQL, web server, email, etc... We are unable to perform our normal block-level backups. Due to this issue potentially getting worse we are scheduling a preventative file system check to clean up any inconsistencies on Sunday, January 12, 2014 at 2 AM ET.

We do not expect the file system check to take more than 2 hours and anticipate it taking approximately 30 minutes, however, we are scheduling 2 hours just in case.

It is possible that the file system will go read-only between now and the scheduled time which will force our hand - we will have to perform a file system check immediately if this occurs.

If you have any questiosn regarding this scheduled maintenance let us know. This is a newer server with higher end hardware and we anticipate the check to complete fairly quickly. We have taken cPanel backups of every account on the server and have stored them off-server so, worst case, we can get everybody back online on a new server relatively quickly.

Jan 9 18:57:27 echo kernel: [5527748.437705] EXT4-fs (hcp2): ext4_check_descriptors: Checksum for group 256 failed (7226!=0)
Jan 9 18:57:27 echo kernel: [5527748.437847] EXT4-fs (hcp2): group descriptors corrupted!

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