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DDoS Attack on Jasmine /

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Our networking team alerted us to a disruptive inbound DDoS attack on the IP [Jasmine Server]. We are splitting any clients on the affected IP off to new distinct IPs for two reasons:

1. To restore service to these accounts during the null-route on

2. To further identify the target of this attack as it could be any one of the accounts currently on the targeted IP.


If your service is on this IP and you're using our DNS this will be largely transparent other than th downtime before your IP is changed. If you're not using our DNS and your site is on the IP '' you will need to manually modify your dns to relfect the new IP which you will be able to see via your cPanel [ http://jasmine.supportedns.com/cpanel ].


If you have any generalized questions feel free to ask them here - any account-specific questions should be addressed in a ticket.


Do understand that when we know who the target is we will contact that customer to make them aware.

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It appears this issue didn't last long - as we were getting ready to move accounts the attack appears to have subsided. We're going to leave everything as-is at this point and will mark this tentatively closed. If the issure recurs we'll update this thread accordingly.

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