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Email not purging properly


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I didn't want to open a support ticket for what might be a simple issue or potentially helpful to others.


I have a client who has 2 accounts which are rapidly filling up the quota despite my efforts.


Account 1: Mail forward. Other mail forwards on the account hang on to email until I manually delete & purge them in horde / round cube when I do monthly maintenance. Zero email shows in the online account, but the cpanel is showing over 200mb in the account & growing.


Account 2. Outlook mail set for delete on download. Outlook & mail account is setup exactly as the other mail accounts. Zero email is showing in the online account (horde & round cube), but cpanel is showing over 100mb in the account.


I did try deleting the mail tmp files from cpanel's file manager for both acounts & no change.


It's really odd because it's happening to 2 completely seperate types of mail accounts (email & a email forward) yet not affecting any other email accounts or email forwards.


Thanks for your help!

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You can create a user-level filter in your cPanel to forward the message and then discard it so it doesn't get stored.


cPanel -> Disk Usage -> Takes a while to run, should show you where your disk usage is. Understand that the display in cPanel is usually cached a few hours as well - so if you wipe out the emails it won't immediately reflect it.

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