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03/13/2009 - R1Soft Off-Site Incremental Backups Available!

Michael D.

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Yesterday night we launched our new backup system which has many benefits over our old backup system that we had in place. The new backup system is a Continuous Data Protection system that is off-site and allows you to restore files as you need to and protects your data in the event of a major catastrophe such as an act of god. You will have the fine-grained control to restore individual files to a specific time or your entire account and it can all be accessed via your current cPanel.


This new backup system takes a snapshot of changed data on your account every 6 hours and stores these snapshots as far back as one week. This means that if you accidentally delete a file or you experience an issue the data can be restored back to any of those restore points over the last week and with 4 restore points per day often times the restore point will be very close. I myself found this very useful when I was testing it yesterday and I accidentally deleted a file from my own personal live account instead of my development server. I was able to log into my cPanel account and quickly restore the file that had been deleted. Not only are we keeping a snapshot of your account 4 times per day but we are keeping separate snapshots on a weekly basis as far back as 12 weeks (3 months) which means that you can go as far as 3 months back and restore any single file or your entire account.


This system not only protects your individual cPanel account but it also protects the entire server; should the need ever arise we can bring a brand new server online and have it up and running exactly as the old server was within four to ten hours. Four to ten hours may sound like a long time however it can often take four to ten hours just to have a server provisioned and ready for first time use by customers (which does not include getting all of the backups on the server and up and running).


We have enabled R1Soft Off-Site Backups on all of our standard shared, beginner, and reseller servers. Not only are our direct clients protected by this new system but the clients of all of our resellers are protected as well.


To restore files all you have to do is log into your cPanel and under the "Files" section select the "R1Soft Restore backups" and you will be taken to the backup server where you can choose which files and folders to restore. Once you select the files you want to restore simply select "Restore Selected Files" in the upper right hand corner of the backup restoration panel.


If you have any questions about this new backup system or you need any assistance using it feel free to open a support ticket in the helpdesk at http://www.mddhosting.com/support/submitticket.php.


Thank you!

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